How To Use Your Numerology Chart To Unearth The Secret To Your Happiness

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Posted on January 30 2020

So you probably know a little bit about your personal astrology. Check your horoscope, and know when the Full Moon is approaching? But what about Numerology? Have you ever looked into this sister-science of the stars?

Because at the precise moment you were born onto the planet, a specific set of numerical vibrations were frozen in time. Your date of birth didn’t only give you an astrological profile, it gave you a Numerology profile too.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is an ancient, mystical art. It’s been used across the globe for thousands of years to read and understand the energetic patterns that spiral their way through the Universe. Every human on the planet is encoded with numbers – you too!

Generally, in Pythagorean numerology – which is most prevalent in the west - the numbers 1 – 9, and Master Numbers (which are double digits such as 11 and 22) are used. Each number holds a specific vibration, a little like an archetype, which carries valuable information about a person or situation.

What are the Vibrations of Each Number?

Here’s a quick rundown of each number, plus the master numbers 11 and 22. Bear in mind these are quick descriptions to get you started – in truth, the meaning of each number is deep and intricate and manifold.

  • Number 1 is fresh, energizing, pioneering and competitive.

  • Number 2 is intuitive, spiritual, connective and relatable.

  • Number 3 is playful, expressive and creative.

  • Number 4 is strong, stable, committed and loyal.  

  • Number 5 is adventurous, changeable, flexible and responsive to change.

  • Number 6 is loving, caring, nurturing and maternal

  • Number 7 is thoughtful, curious, analytical, and introverted.

  • Number 8 is powerful, prosperous, and influential.

  • Number 9 is wise, compassionate and deals with endings and closure.

  • Master Number 11 is unique, spiritual, and brings healing.

  • Master Number 22 is intuitive, powerful and has manifestational capabilities.

Figuring out which of these numbers shows up in your chart, and understanding how to interpret them more fully is a brave step. Yet it can lead you towards incredible self-revelation and transformation!

What is Your Power Number?

What is a Numerology Chart?

Your own numerological profile can be easily drawn up for you by a professional numerologist, who’ll create a Numerology Chart. But it’s not difficult to get the basics done by yourself.

There are 5 core numbers you should definitely start with. After you’ve calculated these, they can be honed and combined to figure out your personal year, life path cycles, and whether you have karmic debt numbers to contend with…

So, these 5 core numbers are:

  •  Life Path Number

  • Destiny/ Expression Number

  • Soul Urge Number

  • Personality Number

  • Birthday Number

Let’s break them down:

Life Path Number

This is kind of like the poster child for Numerology. Formed from each digit in your date of birth, the Life Path Number reveals your most aligned path through life.

It often uncannily describes what kind of person you are, the things you tend to be drawn towards and what it is that will bring you a true fulfillment in life.

Destiny Number

This number comes from the letters that make up the full name you were given at birth. Not your nickname, not your married name (though these do affect your numerological frequency). The Destiny Number reveals your innate talents and the skills you were born with. Many people use this number to uncover latent gifts, and figure out where their highest potentials lie. 

Soul Urge Number

This number is hidden within the vowels in your full birth name. Just like the breath that is needed to make these sounds, the Soul Urge number contains the essence of your spirit. It can be incredibly revealing when it comes to your inner truth, your deepest desires, and the urges that motivate you on a soul level.

Personality Number

As a complement to the Soul Urge, this core number comes from the consonants in your full birth name. It reveals (you guessed it!) your personality type and the qualities that you tend to display outwardly to the world. This is a really useful number to know, as it can help you understand why you display certain traits or react in certain ways to outside influences.

Birthday Number

The final core number is derived from the sum of the digits of the day you were born. Similar to the Destiny Number, though more specific, this one describes a talent that is unique to you. Sometimes it’s dormant, unable to express itself until you reach a particular stage or phase of life, or enter into the right environment. Which makes unlocking this number all the more exciting!

What Can Knowing Your Numerology Do For You?

First off, studying your Numerology chart can help you to better come to know yourself. Knowing your numbers can serve to deepen the levels of understanding, compassion, and acceptance you have for yourself, as well as illuminating the areas you could work to improve.

Going further, it can help to create an everyday blueprint, that you can use to align your own numerical frequencies with the day, the month and even the year cycles. So if you know, for example, that you’re moving through a 3 personal year cycle, then you have 12 months ahead to work on authentic self-expression! Or if you’re in the middle of an 8 universal month, then you really should be looking for ways to let that money roll in…!

Next Steps…?

You don’t need to invest in a professional numerology consultation. There are many online calculators that will work out your core numbers for you, and offer free readings.

Once you know your core numbers, start to feel into their vibration. How do they manifest through you? Are you operating in their highest expression? Or do you tend to exhibit their shadow traits more often than not? Remember, these are just five of the core numbers you’ll uncover in your numerology chart. There are SO many more, so take your time, and enjoy your journey of discovery…!



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