How to use your “Cleanse My Home Kit”?

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on April 12 2019

Every day, we vibe differently. Sometimes, you get up and the whole day is like a fairytale, and sometimes, the whole day is a nightmare. But, none of that matters, because at the end of a very long, hard day, you go back to your home, where you get to shut off the whole world. Your home is your shelter, your little piece of calm in the storm of unpredictable events every day. But, even your home can get polluted by negative vibes.

Just think about it like this, we all emit vibes - your neighbors, the people you pass on the way to work, your colleagues, the people passing down the street, and even you. All of those vibes, little by little, can disturb the calming energy of your home, and pollute it with itchy vibes. And how can you remain your most magical self, if the one place in the world that protects you is swarmed with negative vibes? You simply can’t.

You need to take care of your home, and cleanse it regularly, to make sure that the energy flow is undisturbed, and that your calming shelter remains that way. That is why we have created the Ultimate House Cleansing Kit because we want to help you stay your most magical self. Here is how to use your Cleanse My Home Kit:

  1. Clear up the space in front of you, and place the Reiki Herbal Pillar Cleansing in the Metal Candle Holder. Place the salt lamp beside it, and the selenite charging disk in front of it. Place the crystals on the selenite charging disk. Place the Reiki Herbal Pillar Protection besides the crystals.

  2. Light your Sage and place it on the Abalone Shell, because Sage can get really hot, really fast and burn you. Breathe in the purifying smoke of sage, and breathe out. Bring the smoke over the items for the ritual and make sure you envelop them with smoke. Then bring the Sage into every corner of the room in which you will be performing the ritual, in all the other rooms, and in the end, envelop yourself with smoke by using circular motions with your Smudger Animal Spirit. Breathe in and breathe out. Feel how the sage purifies you. Then, open your windows to let out all the pesky negative vibes out, away from you and your home.

  3. Light your Reiki Cleansing Candle as you wait for the smoke to get out of your home. The cleansing properties and intentions of the candle will refortify the cleansing, making sure that none of the negative vibes remain in your home.

  4. Once the smoke is out, you can blow out the Cleansing Candle and light the Reiki Herbal Pillar Protection Candle to start the protective ritual for your home. It’s not enough to just cleanse your home, but also protect your home from the impact of negative vibes. Place Shungite & Clear Quartz in the mason jar, and fill it with water to create a Cleansing and Protection Spray. Use it every day when you enter your home, spray it over you as you walk in your home to ensure you won't let any negative vibes lurking around you into your home.

  5. Then, take the Black Tourmaline in your right hand, and the Fluorite in your left hand. Close your eyes, and focus on the energy of the crystals. Feel Fluorite calming you, nurturing you, soothing you back to your most magical self. Breathe in and breathe out. Feel the energy of the Black Tourmaline, envelop you, grounding you, and making you an unwavering force of magic. Feel how its energy forms a protective shield around you, that repels every negative vibe that gets too close to you. Breathe in and breathe out.

  6. Now, take your Salt Lamp and place it into your bedroom or living room. We recommend you place it into your bedroom because the bedroom is the most intimate room for any person, and you need an extra layer of protection. The Himalayan Salt Lamp emits negative ions which purify the air, energizing it and cleansing it from different pollutants and particles. To learn more about Himalayan Salt, Lamps read this article. jam packed with some nifty facts.

  7. Place your Amethyst Tumbled stone under your pillow to protect yourself from anxiety, overthinking, insomnia and to banish nightmares, forever.

We recommend you bring your Black Tourmaline and Citrine Tumbled Stone wherever you go, and especially to keep them around you at your workplace. This way, you will protect yourself from negative vibes, bring less itchy vibes home, and dissolve any mental blocks caused by negative vibes instantly.

We recommend you do aromatherapy sessions after work, each day with the Forgotten Essence Incense and Palo Santo Wood Chips, to attract positive vibes and repel the negative ones that might still be lurking around. And most importantly, cleanse your home at least once a week with Sage, and repeat the cleansing and protective ritual to make sure that your home will remain your little shelter, no matter the storm.

We hope you enjoyed and found all the items in the Cleanse My Home Kit!

Tune in to our blog to learn how to use our products and awaken your magic with their help!



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