How NOT to fall asleep during Meditation?

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on February 28 2018

Have you seen our awesome tips for Meditation and Types of Meditations and you decided to give it a go? We are so happy to hear that, but we bet you might have a slight issue – you keep falling asleep. If you are beating yourself about it, then don’t! With today’s way of life, you must be thinking and overthinking most of the time, constantly being stressed out, that when you try to be in the present moment, your mind has forgotten what to do. So, naturally, you doze off or fall asleep during Meditation. It’s one of the most common problems really, but if you have a strong resolve and you have definitely decided to bring some peace and balance to your life, we are here to help! 

1. Meditate in the Morning

If you thought that after a long, long tense and stressful way, the perfect thing to do is meditate you are wrong. The perfect thing to do is to give your body the rest it deserves. That’s why instead of trying to meditate and fall asleep you should try meditating in the morning. By shifting meditation practices in the morning, you will feel more relaxed during the day, and you will experience far less stress during the day.

2. Keep your eyes open

A lot of meditations start off by closing your eyes. And after just 3 minutes you are fast asleep already. But there are a lot of ways to meditate. Closing your eyes is just to help you focus. So, if you are dosing off all the time, you should keep your eyes open, looking downwards. 

3. Mind your position

If you can’t keep yourself awake, then try doing all meditations while sitting up. Not only that, but we advise you to develop a habit of checking your position during meditation. If your back is arched, you should slowly straighten it back up. By doing so, you will be more aware and will keep yourself awake and calm during your meditations.

4. Lighting is important

Natural light is best when it comes to Meditating. Try to keep your meditation spot next to windows, or maybe in your backyard. Natural light is easier on the eyes, it helps you focus and we are sure it will keep you awake during your meditations.

5. Walking Meditations

If nothing else works, don’t worry, we have just the perfect thing. Try walking while meditating. The only change here is that instead of focusing on your breath, you will focus on the sensation of your feet touching the ground. That means you can do all our awesome meditations without falling asleep even while walking! 

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