How I Built My Resilience, Thanks to Dad and Tarot Cards

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Posted on May 21 2019

I had a dream of travelling around the world. While I was hesitant at first, the various tarot readings I got finally convinced me to go for it. For instance, the spreads would often include these cards:

  • The Fool – This card suggests travel to parts unknown

  • Two of Wands – The figure holding a globe hint of a journey to another part of the world

  • Eight of Cups – This is a classic travel card

  • Knights of Wands – This knight is galloping on an adventure

  • The World – This is the card you need if you want to see the world with only your backpack

  • The Sun – It’s a hint of travel to some sunny place

When jaunting off around the world, I always remember the indispensable advice my dad has given me before leaving home. He has reminded and taught me all of these things:

Stay connected with family and friends

I immediately felt homesick upon landing on foreign soil for the first time. Fortunately, Dad told me to call the minute I landed. So I did. It felt great hearing his voice and being connected with my family. They were also glad and relieved that I arrived safely. So now I call my family and friends when I need to have a friendly reassuring chat with someone.

How to face problems

Even though I’m travelling abroad, I can still work remotely. However, I take issues like poor internet connection seriously since it affects my only source of livelihood. Such occurrences are regular since I don’t stay in a place too long and I’m always on the move. So whenever panic and dread set in, especially when there’s a deadline, I remember Dad’s advice. Don’t get angry or depressed. Instead, try to look for solutions.

Curiously that’s the same insight my tarot readings give me. So when in need of a Wi-Fi signal, I look for places that could provide net connections. So far, I always complete my work by asking people, and they always point me where to connect.

Accept change

Back home, life revolves around my flat, online job and TV. Such a boring predictable lifestyle is undoubtedly the reason I wanted to travel. Now, I am more adventurous and may sleep at a place with a dozen other strangers or pop on a bus to explore a new destination. It’s not as comfortable as the bed in my flat, but I had to accept such a change. It’s a small price to pay for a life of adventure.    

Accomplish your goal

I know how to drive a car, but I’m not really a fan of motorcycles. However, the only way I can travel from point A to point B is by riding a bike. So I decided to ride the ‘beast’.

Luckily, I have a friend who was gracious enough to teach me using his own bike. It took several attempts and a dent or two but soon I was able to ride on my own. Riding that motorbike for the first time brought back memories of my first bike ride with Dad.

Before moving the motorcycle forward, I closed my eyes and remembered my dad’s instructions on how to balance the bike. Afterwards, it was a smooth ride from that moment on.     

Take action

During my stay on a beach, I saw several travellers like me. I wanted to greet them but hesitated since I was worried that they might perceive my approach as an unwelcome intrusion. Then I remembered a recent tarot card reading. The spread urged me to take actions whenever confronted by an uncomfortable situation.

So I stopped overthinking the situation and simply approached them. I thought the worst that could happen is a rejection of my ‘hand of friendship’. After a short introduction, we were soon talking like best friends. When you travel, you’ll meet many great people along the way.

Living in a foreign land can be tough at times. So meeting with other fellow travellers who share the same feelings can help build an instant bond.        

Journey to self-discovery

Whilst on my adventures, I once decided to try paddle-boarding during my stay near a beach. I heard that it was fun. However, the giant waves were scary and I was having second thoughts.  However, the tarot taught me that I’m also on a journey to discover my potential.

So I carried on paddle-boarding.  I was knocked off the board several times and barely managed to stay on board for a few seconds. However, the lesson I learned during my attempt was invaluable. Perseverance can help you succeed.   

Maintain a positive attitude

Sometimes I get lost when travelling to my destination. While it’s easy to panic, I chose to follow Dad’s teaching and my tarot reading insight. When confronted with negative situations, I counter it with a positive attitude. So whenever I can’t find my way, I approach people and ask for directions. Often, they lead me back in the right direction.  

Take a long-term perspective of your situation

Whenever I plan to commit to something, I take the long-term view. If I choose to spend the day at the beach rather than work, how it will affect me? Will it affect my employment? Do I need to unwind after long hours of work? By taking a long-term look, you can make an informed decision.  

Always hope for the best

I once lost an internet connection and was unable to finish my work project. I started to imagine that my client will terminate my contract because of the delay. Then I remembered another reading which says to always hope for the best. So I stopped worrying and tried contacting my client. After a short explanation, they gave me an extension to submit my work.    

Love yourself

Sometimes, your harshest critic is you. It’s hard to forgive others if you can’t forgive yourself. However, by loving yourself, people will find it easier to love you back.  


While travelling abroad is my fervent wish, I was hesitant and afraid. Fortunately,  Dad’s many teachings and the tarot readings I have had have helped me to overcome such fears. By believing in myself and keeping a positive outlook, my journey has turned into an unforgettable experience. So the moral of the story, is in any situation, avoid over-thinking and instead take charge of your life. Also, keep a friendly attitude whenever you meet anyone. Being in this mindset opens up positive opportunities in any situation and on top of that, it’s an excellent way of making new friends.    

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