Word Of The Week - Gratitude

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on January 07 2020

In your very busy life, while trying to achieve your goals, it’s very easy to tunnel vision towards your goals. And it’s true, some days it hard to push through, and tunnel visioning, visualizing your success can help you pull through even on the harshest of days. But, when you get into the habit of doing this, what you might forget is the present moment.

Of course, it’s amazing to always work towards creating your magic, but it’s also good to stop for a while and marvel at the magic that you have already created. Gratitude is a very strong personal ability and power, to stop, and reflect from where you started, how much you have done, how much you have progressed on your path towards creating your own damn magic. Sometimes it’s just the ability to recognize and appreciate the good things in life. And sometimes it’s just the ability to stop and truly be grateful at the simple, small things in life.

Simply becoming aware of how amazing your life already is through gratefulness has such a positive impact on your overall psychological well-being. Gratefulness creates a thought pattern that is based on logic – you are seeing the bigger picture, you acknowledge that you are fortunate to have the circumstances in which you currently are. You see the bigger picture, which in turn shatters any negative thought patterns which might be causing you stress, anxiety, and depression.

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