Astro Alert: Full Moon in Capricorn

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on July 04 2022

The 13th brings a transformative Full Moon in Capricorn, a time to celebrate our career progress, assess our long-term goals, and release work-related habits or perspectives that no longer serve us.

Full Moon in Capricorn:
July 13

July’s Capricorn Full Moon brings together powerful cosmic influences that highlight the results of our efforts: we can feel closer than ever to the goals that we’ve been working on for the past six months, but we can also see where we need to make adjustments or release control and allow things to transform. 

Capricorn is the most industrious sign of the zodiac: as the archetype of the father or the manager, he represents the part of us that knows how to achieve success in the long term. He isn’t bothered by mood swings or the desire for instant gratification; he knows what he wants and he’s willing to go the extra mile to get there. What support did you receive from this side of you in the past months? Ruled by Saturn, the lord of karma, the Capricorn Full Moon can balance the scales by manifesting the results of our hard work, whether it’s in the form of a promotion, a sign of recognition, or a milestone on our path to reaching a professional or a personal goal.

A supportive aspect between Venus, the planet of love and money, and Saturn, the lord of time and karma, can bring financial rewards, fruitful contracts or collaborations, or ease in merging pleasure and creativity with work and responsibility.

At the same time, the Full Moon can illuminate what hasn’t been efficient in our approach to work, effort, and responsibility. Perhaps some of us have been working too hard, with little time left for love, family, or hobbies. Perhaps we’ve become too attached to a goal that brings more costs than benefits, even in the long term. Some people might reconsider their career choices at this time, while others could gain deeper insights into their relationship with authority figures. Close to Pluto, the planet of power, truth, and transformation, this Full Moon can help us see beyond the veil, uncover unconscious material, and face truths that catalyze positive change.

The Moon’s easy aspect with change-maker Uranus can bring unexpected results or insights, supporting us to embrace the unknown and to be brave by looking at an old situation through a different lens. Do you remember last year’s cosmic highlight, a tense aspect between traditional Saturn and rebellious Uranus? It isn’t over quite yet: July’s Full Moon can bring echoes of past situations where established power systems clashed with a new wave of change. This time, we can have a chance to leave behind old fears and prepare to take an innovative step forward.

In opposition with the sensitive Cancer Sun, the Capricorn Moon asks us to find a balance between work and family, responsibility and relaxation, reason and intuition. Whether we’ve been nurturing our practical side more than our emotional needs or vice-versa, mid-July can bring matters linked to work, responsibilities, family, or emotional healing to a boiling point, supporting us to look at the roots of our reactions and to think about our priorities. 

The mother archetype (Cancer) and the father archetype (Capricorn) are being activated: for many of us, this could highlight the need to process childhood trauma, work on healing our relationship with our birth family, or focus on reparenting ourselves: fulfilling the needs (for empathy, validation, structure, or direction) that weren’t met by our parents in the past. 

The Cancer Sun is in conjunction with Ceres, the archetype of the mother, an aspect that can highlight our physical and emotional needs and support us to find comfort, safety, and nurturing at this time. A little care can go a long way, whether it’s through sharing your emotions with someone close or preparing your favorite comfort meal. We can grow into the responsible, industrious Capricorn archetype and step outside our comfort zones only after we have a solid comfort zone to begin with.

At the same time, Mercury and Lilith in Cancer can trigger difficult conversations, supporting us to express our thoughts and feelings with both honesty and compassion. With the involvement of Chiron, the wounded healer, words can be either very painful or profoundly healing at this time, depending on our choices. Because many of us can feel more emotionally sensitive during this Full Moon, we could have a tendency to use bitter words, put the blame on others, or use emotional manipulation to receive the validation and the affection we yearn for. 

Stay mindful of people who are playing the victim and trying to appeal to your vulnerability: a loving, but decisive attitude can work wonders. If you notice these tendencies in your behavior, look at them with compassion and speak kindly to yourself, knowing that behind every shadow there is a wounded, rejected part of the self that is asking for love. The positive expression of the darker energies of Lilith, Chiron, and Pluto is an ability to look at our fears, wounds, and impulsive reactions with understanding and to connect with the vulnerability that lies beyond. 

Do you know that sculpture of two people sitting back to back, with their inner children reaching out to each other? It’s the Capricorn Full Moon’s energy in a nutshell: this is a time when the walls we’ve built around our emotions can either become stronger, bringing more distance in the form of power games and isolating silence… or slowly melt with compassion. The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon’s degree is “By accepting defeat gracefully, a general reveals nobility of character”: this is a time for the ego to lose the battle with love and to welcome transformation. 

Those of us with strong Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn energy (especially with planets around the 21st degree of these signs) can feel the influence of the Full Moon the most, but all of us can celebrate progress, gain awareness, and welcome transformation in the life area ruled by Capricorn in the birth chart. 


Full Moon Journal Prompts:

  • What practical goals have I achieved in the past six months? What can I celebrate and what plans do I need to readjust?
  • What does my ideal work-life balance look like and what mindset or habits do I need to release in order to achieve it?
  • What did I learn about boundaries, efficiency, and success from my family and which of those beliefs no longer serve me?


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