Feed Your Soul - Creating a Little Inner Peace

Written by Marija Bajlozova


Posted on February 28 2016

I recently searched on Pinterest: “feed your soul.” I wanted to find inspiration for practices, such as pictures, quotes, and stories about feeding’s one’s soul, and came across this quote by Joyce Mayer: "Anything you don't feed dies.  We need to take time to feed ourselves spiritually".

Could this not be truer?! This quote is beautifully simple but powerful. If we don’t feed our pets, they die. If we don’t feed our plants, they die. If we don’t feed our bodies, we starve. Just as if we as humans do not take time to pay attention to the needs and wants of our souls, our souls will suffer. Our souls will lose their shine.

You may be a little confused on what exactly I mean by “feeding your soul.” And, to be honest, I mean a lot of things, depending on what feeds YOUR soul. Everyone feeds their soul differently. Yogis feed theirs with yoga. Explorers and wanderers travel. Artists create. Athletes practice and perform. So, it is up to you to figure out what makes your soul happy, and then take the time to commit to those things!

I have discovered that what makes my soul happy is making sure I am paying attention to its needs and wants. And most of the time, those needs and wants are in some way revolving around relieving stress and anxiety. There is never a time when a 5-minute breathing session could go unneeded. This is why I was so excited to use my A Little Inner Peace Kit, as this kit is meant to create peace while enhancing consciousness and awareness.

In the guidebook, I am first asked, “How do you connect?” Most of the time when I go to connect, I head to my room, my safe place, in which pictures and knick-knacks that make my soul happy surround me. I always light a candle or incense in front of my Beatles posters, so this is where I chose to charge my incense holder and burn my candle.

As I then went through the process of carving, oiling, and glittering my candle, I realized that this process itself was a time to be mindful. Take the time to think about all of the things I had just written down: my gratefulness and new habits to keep my zen (I have decided to dive into the world of yoga, its too tempting). 

During the meditation, I could let my mind fully relax. I let myself see the big picture, then the small pictures, then everything I liked and disliked about those pictures. I was encouraged to feel proud of myself, and I did. In this moment, my usual stresses about what I have to work on next sort of drifted away as I focused only on what I had accomplished so far and the fact that I am proud of where I am in my life. 

Lastly, reading The Promise from A Little Inner Peace brings everything full circle. I summed up what I had vowed to accomplish through this meditation, and made wishes for opportunities in my life that will feed my soul.

SO. What Feeds Your Soul? 



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