Dreaming Myself Out

Written by Guest Writer


Posted on March 19 2019

by: Nikita Gullion

I used to think I had no dreams. No desires. No goals. I didn’t seem to be attracted to much that would, or ever possibly could, last long term. Now, I can look back at that part of my life and see why I would feel that way. I had no ambition because I wasn’t living for myself. I was still often living a life that would fit into society’s views. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t completely off the beaten path.

There was still ‘real’ me traits that lived alongside ‘ego’ me, and at times, they would dominate and shine through. But when you live worried about what someone, or everyone, will think, when you’re a ‘yes man/woman’, when you place everyone before yourself and fear to be open and honest, or revealing your true self, it’s no wonder you end up feeling so lost and confused. Now, I’m dreaming my true self out.

Now when I think about the future, I dream big. Because I will do big things. I want to do big things. This, I know. I can feel it. I want to inspire. I want to motivate. I want to share wisdom and knowledge. I want to spark a light, in even just one person, that fuels them to persevere. I want to help. I want to heal. I guess you could say that I’m another self-aware woman who’s out to save the world while healing myself in the process.

I’ve only just recently started to realize my dreams and the gifts I’ve been given to help achieve them. It wasn’t until just recently that I really listened to my intuition and followed the calling(s) of my soul. It’s only been a couple of months and looks at what’s happened already, though! I’m on here, writing to you all to read, and what an honor that is!!! And (low and behold!), a big leap towards fulfilling my dreams!

Stay true to yourself and whatever unleashes your inner Goddess. Keep following whatever ignites your fire. Listen to those things that get your insides bursting with joy and force your lips to crack a smile, regardless of the mood you’re in... Those are the dreams you should follow.



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