Book Of The Week - Crystal Gridwork by Kiera Fogg

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on August 01 2019

Hello, fellow book lovers!!!

How is your summer going? Are you going on a magical beach vacation? Or are you spending your summer days listing through books, learning and working on personal growth? Or maybe both? Whichever you are doing, we hope you are enjoying yourself! This summer we read a bunch of useful books regarding crystal healing, and we found real gems among them.

Especially when it comes to crystal grids. If you found crystal grids complicated and hard to understand, then we wholeheartedly recommend you to check out Crystal Gridwork: The Power of Crystals and Sacred Geometry to Heal, Protect and Inspire by Kiera Fogg.

Why should I read Crystal Gridwork by Kiera Fogg?

Crystal grids are simply amazing to manifest anything once you get them right. However, you have to have a good understanding of crystal grids, crystals, and sacred geometry to make them work towards a more specific goal and there isn’t much information out there to learn crystal grids on your own. If you are just starting or you are looking for more inspiration to create your next crystal grid, then Crystal Gridwork by Kiera Fogg is the right book for you.

Filled with understandable layouts and information to help you learn crystal grids, and beautiful images and concepts for crystal grids, this is one of the best books that we have found for crystal grids in a while.

“A healing crystal grid builds an energetic map that can create real changes in our lives”

- Kiera Fogg, Crystal Gridwork: The Power of Crystals and Sacred Geometry to Heal, Protect and Inspire

Besides that, Kiera also introduces some new ideas, and new objects to be used in your crystal grids beyond simply crystals. She conveys crystal gridwork in such a simple way, that each page is a joy to read.

We wholeheartedly recommend!



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