Book of the Week - You Are This: Awakening to the Living Presence of Your Soul by J.M. Harrison

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on October 24 2018

Hello everyone!

Are you ready for the brand new magical recommendation book for this week? Well, we have an amazing book for you, especially if you have been trying to dive into the spiritual worlds. We are talking about - You Are This: Awakening to the Living Presence of Your Soul by J.M. Harrison. Now, do note that this book is a little more and it is not for beginners. In a way, You Are This is a book that comes after all the beginner books on spirituality. So, if you needed something more to take the next step in your spiritual journey - this is it.

Harrison writes in a simple tone. He discusses subjects that are deep, complicated, profound, and at the same time, they are simple as well. But, such as spirituality, complex and simple at the same time. He further talks about the complex hybrid duality of humans and how we have both divine and completely non-divine parts in us.

As the book progresses, he inserts the soul and talks about it as a living being and further analyzes and explains the many aspects of consciousness. Mister Harrison is an expert in his field that not only shares his enormous knowledge but he also makes you think, and form your opinions on these subjects.

Especially when it comes to spiritual awakening, and the concept of enlightenment. While Harrison did his best to provide with references, still You Are This is not an easy casual read. It is deep, intense, and shakes you to the core. You need to think after every passage, and you need to meditate on some subjects, to really see how your spirit settles with those thoughts. But, it is an amazing book to read, and really helpful when it comes to spiritual growth.

No Soul is identical – yet all Souls are unified.

J.M. Harrison, You Are This: Awakening to the Living Presence of Your Soul

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