Book of the Week - Three Magic Words: The Key to Power, Peace and Plenty by U.S. Andersen

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on July 30 2018

Hello everyone!
How are you today? Are you looking for a new book recommendation? Because if you do then you know you can count on us always to suggest you the best books to help you create your own damn magic. This week we have a great book recommendation for you - " Three Magic Words" by U.S. Andersen. If you have been looking to fill in all the gaps into understanding your spiritual self and your journey, then this is the right book for you! Dive into Andersen's words and accept the wisdom that he offers. You will not regret it, we assure you.

As you read the Three Magic Words, you will start to understand the deeper layers of yourself. Andersen has the knack or a genuine and stable tone. His writing is full of authority, and you can sense through his words that the Three Magic Words is quite different than any other spiritual book you've ever read. You can sense the truth behind his words.  

Simple, concise sentences fall one after the other, and chapter by chapter, you not only realize that he is right but you also sense that somehow you already knew this. Andersen explains step by step how The Universal Mind works and how your mind works. With each sentence, he touches every layer of you being and tickles your conscious and subconscious mind. If you have questions, that you can't answer or missing pieces of the spiritual journey puzzle then Three Magic Words by U.S. Andersen is definitely the right book choice for you.

No goal is too distant, no path too arduous when we take the journey step by ‘step. Withdraw your mind from the seemingly impossible summit and turn your attention to the step to be taken today. Our steps through life are chains of cause and effect, and each step successfully taken delivers the next one to us with greater ease until in the end the final goal is ours.

Uell Stanley Andersen, Three Magic Words

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