Best Crystals To Keep At Your Desk While You Are Working Remotely

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on March 22 2020

Hello, gorgeous! 

How are you coping with the current situation? Because of the Corona Virus, we are all stuck at home - whether working remotely or taking a break in self-isolation, as recommended by the government. And that's great! We should stay at home and stay safe.

However, shutting yourself at home, with the constant news pouring in, the fake news, the panic of the global spread starts to get to you. What we are saying is, you are probably freaking out, right? 

It's very hard not to in the current situation. However, even though you can't change your current situation, you can control how you respond to it. You just need a little support system.

While you are working remotely from home, we recommend keeping a set of crystals on your desk at all times, to help you remain calm, and to help you focus on your work. We are keeping a set of a few crystals on our desk at all times, to keep our cool. Here are a few suggestions:

3 Best Crystals For Anxiety & Stress Relief


If you have been staying up all night, thinking of all the possible and impossible scenarios that life could bring you tomorrow, instead of having a good night's rest then you need amethyst in all its glory.

This amazing crystal simply radiates with soothing, calming energy, its frequency radiating through every aspect of your being.

If stress and anxiety are hitting you during work as the news pour in, then keep Amethyst on your desk. If you are feeling especially stressed out, take a few minutes to meditate with Amethyst on your break. If you have been having trouble sleeping, then put amethyst below your pillow. 

Blue Agate

Battling stress and anxiety on a day to day basis is really tough. And sometimes all you need is some emotional support, to soothe you and help you get through the rough days. If you are finding yourself losing hope in this endless battle, don’t – because all you need is Blue Agate to help you.

Soothing, gentle, healing energy simply radiates from Blue Agate, enveloping you and nourishing you every second of every day when you have it by your side.

Allow yourself to fall into the loving and nourishing arms of Blue Agate, and get yourself the support that you need when the going gets tough against stress and anxiety by placing it on your work desk. If you are feeling especially stressed out, take a 5-minute break to hold your Blue Agate, and focus on your breathing.


If you have been feeling like stress and anxiety keep piling up until the breaking point, and you feel like there is no way out then all you need is Fluorite in your life.

Fluorite is also called the Rainbow Breaker of Chains from the crystal world, with a very good reason – because it can help you break yourself out of stress and anxiety. Its unique energy frequency will calm you, and allow you to see the missing pieces with a clear head.

Place it on your desk to keep your chill, and continue working.

Best Crystals For Protection


If you are looking to remove energetical blockages, while increasing the flow of light energy in yourself, then there is no better crystal than Selenite to do so.

It is a stone that is self-reliant, because of its high-frequency energy vibes that won’t allow negative vibes to take over. It’s also used to charge other crystals, and cleanse them as well, so adding a piece of selenite to your crystal healing set will help you to keep the energy of all crystals healthy, and uninterrupted by low-frequency vibes.

If you feel especially stressed out, you can also take a short break from your remote work, and devote 5 minutes to holding your Selenite and calming down.

Black Tourmaline

If you need something that packs a bigger kick against stress and anxiety, you need a powerful grounding crystal like Black Tourmaline. The key to battling anxiety and stress is to be present right here, right now and see the bigger picture instead of being stuck with tunnel vision on everything that is or could go wrong. 

Besides being a strong grounder, Black Tourmaline has very strong cleansing properties that will banish stress and anxiety from your life. Known as a strong protector, Black Tourmaline can help you ward yourself off any negative vibes, including anxiety and stress. We suggest you wear Black Tourmaline everywhere with you and to keep it close to your desk.


Not only is Hematite good for healing on a spiritual level, but it also helps in decreasing stress, anxiety and worry.

If you are looking to restore balance into your life, then truly there is no other crystal that can do a better job. 

It’s a unique energy signature, gives off a strong, yet peaceful frequency that can help you keep your cool while you work remotely from home.

3 Crystals For Work & Productivity Improvement


Carnelian enhances creativity and cleanses all types of creative blocks that one might experience. While you are stressed out it's hard to keep working as usual, and a lot of creativity and mental blocks may occur during work.

Keep your Carnelian close to increase your creativity, to improve your work performance, and to increase the positive vibes!

Tiger's Eye

If you are seeking more clarity in your life, meditating with the tiger’s eye is sure to bring profound insight – especially in understanding the root of the issue that has been bothering you. 

Tiger’s eye promotes manifestation and change but does so by strengthening your personal will, giving you the personal empowerment boost you needed to gain the courage and manifest change in your life. Your goal each day is to keep your cool and remain productive. And Tiger's eye can help you to keep you chill. Keep it on your desk at all times.


It is a crystal that simply radiates with high-frequency vibes that leave you in a more positive state. Citrine is known to boost creativity and personal will through which it enhances your problem-solving skills, ultimately helping you to manifest your dreams.

Citrine not only does it help you acquire wealth, but it also helps you to maintain it. Besides its many spiritually enhancing uses, Citrine is also known to increase physical stamina and overall energy levels. 

If you have been in a sort of slump lately, whether you are at home or in the office, it’s always a great idea to keep some citrine in your home or office to raise the vibes. Remember to place it somewhere away from direct sunlight and away from heaters, and you should be good!

We recommend that you keep one of each group of crystals, to make sure that you have all the fields covered! P.S Our most beloved magical combination of crystals that we keep at our desk at all times are Selenite, Carnelian & Amethyst.

We hope these crystals will help you remain chill in the current situation of global panic!

Stay healthy & safe,

With love from the whole MLMS Team!



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