Be Secure: Capricorn Full Moon (7/19)

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on July 20 2016

Full Moon at 27 Degrees Capricorn

This full moon was a powerful one! Don't be surprised if you woke up this morning feeling exhausted and more emotional than usual! Full Moons are notorious for stirring emotions then pushing them to the surface! Which makes sense, as healing can only occur when what's hidden in darkness is brought to light right? If you didn't realize you had an emotion, you would never be able to work through it and give it compassion.

A Full Moon in Capricorn will bring up anything revolving around security (your living situation), long term goals, responsibility, hard work and karma. It's a rather stern full moon, and will whip us into shape if we've somehow slipped from our path. Also, if you set any intentions back in January, during the New Moon in Capricorn(1/9), and worked hard to accomplish those goals, you should start seeing them come to fruition.

The only bummer about this Full Moon was Uranus being a bit annoying, making a harsh aspect to it. Uranus is all about encouraging you to think out of the box, so you will no doubt find some creative solutions if any frustrating situations come about around this moon, but he is also great for encouraging rash, abrupt, tactless behavior, so we must mind our tempers. :) 

For the next few days, remember to be compassionate with yourself (and others), look for extraordinary solutions to any issues that come up and take a pause before going nuclear on anyone.

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