Astro Alert: Venus Retrogrades In Capricorn

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on December 17 2021

Starting from the 19th, Venus retrogrades in Capricorn until the end of January, marking a time of reflection and reconsideration in our relationships.

Our commitments will be put to the test, asking for an extra dose of accountability and patience; strong partnerships can become even stronger, while relationships built on shaky ground can crumble at this time. Above all, Venus retrograde asks us to look within and to treat ourselves with the love and the respect that we deserve.

Venus Retrogrades In Capricorn:
December 18 – January 29

Venus Retrogrades In Capricorn

Venus retrograde is the star of the season: she is in charge of our love life and our relationships, while our love life and our relationships are in charge of a great part of our well-being and health. Starting from December 18, she will shine a brighter light on our relationship values, expectations, and priorities, with a strong focus on accountability, boundaries, and long-term planning.

When Venus is retrograde, the energy that we usually invest in relating to others is turned inward, supporting us to embrace the parts that are hurting and to love ourselves first. If we only turn to others for affection and validation, we might get things wrong during this transit! This is why it’s not recommended to start a new relationship while Venus is retrograde.

We might see only what we want to see. When Venus goes direct, we could discover that we’re not as in love as we thought we were. The next month is a time for introspection and boundary work; starting from February, we’ll be clearer on what we want in a relationship and we’ll be ready to seek or to attract the love that we deserve.

For those of us who are in a relationship, Venus retrograde can bring old issues to the surface, asking for patience and realism. Can our differences be solved? Are we willing to put in the effort to make things work?

Capricorn is the sign of the builder. Our relationships can be rebuilt or strengthened during this time if we’re ready to take responsibility for our part and to set appropriate boundaries. However, if a relationship isn’t built on respect, accountability, and mutual goals, there are chances for it to crumble by the end of the retrograde.

Venus conjunct transformative Pluto can unearth issues linked to power, authority, and control in our relationships. We’re less likely to tolerate toxic behaviors from others. Until March, when Venus exits her retrograde shadow, we might be more easily triggered by cold, detached, or dominating behaviors, especially if they activate parts of our personal trauma.

A flowing aspect between Venus and freedom-loving Uranus shows that we won’t tolerate stifling relationships anymore, especially in the second part of January, when we have the chance to see old issues in a new light and to choose the commitments that feel authentic to us. 

Since Venus also rules money and and effects on values, her retrograde through cautious Capricorn will have us reconsider our spending habits and our money mindset. We might think about the future, plan to save more, and choose our investments wisely, prioritizing long-term payoff over instant gratification. We’re more likely to choose quality and style with a renewed appreciation for what is classic (and classy).

Those of us with strong Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn placements will be influenced by this retrograde season the most, but all of us will go through a process of introspection and refinement in the relationships indicated by our natal Capricorn house.


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