Astro Alert: Full Moon In Cancer 2022

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on January 14 2022

The Cancer Full Moon on the 17th shows results and brings insights in the area of home, family, security, roots, and subjectivity, marking a highly emotional time when we might find ourselves torn between professional and personal fulfillment, reason and emotion, self-discipline and self-indulgence.

Themes linked to power and control will come to the surface, asking us to listen to our emotions, nurture our inner child, and reclaim the strength to be vulnerable.

Full Moon in Cancer:
January 17

Full Moon In Cancer 2022

The Moon feels at home in the cozy, yet fierce sign of Cancer. When she’s reached her fullness, she tugs at our heartstrings and amplifies our intuition, asking for time and space to feel whatever arises within us. In our daily life, she can bring moments of fulfillment or turning points in our family and home life, supporting us to seek the contexts that make us feel safe and to release fears around vulnerability or emotional connection.

This Cancer Full Moon is powerful because she opposes the Capricorn Sun and Pluto, creating tension between our hearts and our minds, our softest core and our most resilient and determined selves. Where do these opposing forces meet in your life?

Integration is a challenge that can be reflected by our relationships at this time. If you usually tend to function in “adult mode”, with a strong focus on problem-solving and results, someone who is in touch with their feminine side could trigger your vulnerability at this time.

On the contrary, if you allow yourself to be carried away by your emotions, you might clash with a disciplined, hard-edged someone who will challenge you to take more responsibility in your life. As with all Full Moons, the key is to see others as mirrors, not as adversaries.

Emotional transformation is a key theme at this time. Some of us could tend to close off out of fear (of rejection, criticism, or abandonment) or to project our shadows on other people, but there’s no easy way around our pain or our fears on this Full Moon; every monster is a creature that wants to be seen. If insights, emotions, or impulses that have been hidden before are now bubbling up to the surface of our consciousness, it might be time to bite the tender bullet, to admit our inner truth, and to carry ourselves through the process with courage and tenderness.

The Moon’s distant trine with healing Neptune favors art and spirituality as ways of expressing and processing our emotions, while spending time with loved ones or in the comfort of our homes can soothe our insecurities. Self-care is a priority and rituals that involve water or crystals associated with the Moon, such as Labradorite or Moonstone, are recommended at this time. 

Cancer’s association with the past and the Full Moon’s link to purification and release make this a perfect time for inner child work, while the Sabian Symbol for the Moon’s degree, “An Indian girl introduces her white lover to her assembled tribe”, speaks of a return to our instinctual wisdom and our connection to the rhythms of nature. Where is your intuition guiding you at this time? How can you allow your body to be free and your emotions to flow naturally?

Those of us with strong Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn in the birth chart will feel the Full Moon’s transformative energy the most, while Scorpio and Pisces can feel comfortable with this moment’s emotional intensity. Where do you have Cancer in your birth chart? In that specific area, you might see that the intentions you’ve planted on July 9, during the Cancer New Moon, are now blooming.

Full Moon Journal Prompts:

  • How can I hold space for my emotions at this time, both positive and negative?
  • How have I nurtured my emotional intelligence and my intuition in the past six months?
  • What is my strongest source of safety and comfort during challenging times?


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