A New Moon Crystal Grid You Must Try!

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on July 29 2019

Crystal healing is an amazing way to restore balance to every aspect of yourself. It’s also a great way to achieve a specific goal and set intentions. In a way, crystal healing can help you create your damn magic. Although you can use each crystal individually, crystals can also work together as a group for a more specific purpose. When used properly, a group of crystals can be much more effective for achieving a goal than a single crystal. When grouped properly, crystals can form crystal grids.

Crystal grids are a very powerful way to send out an intention on a specific frequency, perfectly fine-tuned for the Universe to read. And since the New Moon is nearing – it’s the perfect time to set your intentions. And you are in luck because today we will be sharing a New Moon Crystal Grid with you! Are you ready to set your intentions? Let’s start:

  • White Californian Sage is the best quality for cleansing purposes. When you take the smudge stick, light it. The sage will probably start burning in flames, but don’t panic – it is okay. Let it burn for about 20 seconds, then blow out the flame. Now the sage should be with orange embers on the ends.

  • When you light your Sage make sure that you have something to put your sage on like an Abalone Shell next to you because Sage can get hot fast.

  • Place the Sage on the space in front of you, take a few deep breaths.

  • Then take your Sage, and start making circular motions to start distributing the smoke evenly around your body. Start by smudging from your pelvic bone, upwards in a straight line. When you get at the top of your head, breathe in once more deeply and breathe out, releasing all the negative thoughts, emotions and vibes.

  • Then, bring the smoke over your tools, making sure you envelop them with smoke.

  • Continue to smudge while walking in a circle in the room that you are performing the ritual. Make sure you go into every corner of the room. Then repeat the same with every room in your home.

  • When you are done, open your windows to let out all the pesky negative vibes out.

  • Now you are ready to begin the ritual.

  • Place the Celtic Pentacle Crystal Grid in front of you. Then, start placing the tools in the following order:

  • Clear Quartz Puffed Heart – For this specific ritual we like to use a clear quartz puffed heart as the focus point for this ritual. Clear quartz is the ultimate crystal for enhancing frequencies and manifesting. It’s the perfect crystal to achieve any goal. Especially when used during a New Moon.

  • 3 Moonstone Tumbled Crystals – Moonstone simply radiates with the energy of the moon. Radiant, and calming it’s perfect for setting intentions rituals during a New Moon. Combined with 2 Rainbow Moonstone Crystals, this grid is perfect for harnessing energy from the moon in every phase of the moon. Place the crystals one after the other, each crystal touching a point of the pentacle.

  • Now that the crystal grid is set, write down three intentions and place them beneath the Clear Quartz Puffed Heart in the middle. Breathe in and breathe out. Focus on your breath. Now visualize your intentions, becoming a reality. Focus on the emotions you would feel when your intentions become a reality. Feel the joy, the excitement, the change in your life. Focus on your emotions. Breathe in slowly, and breathe out. Open your eyes when ready.

Make sure you keep your crystals together, and that you cleanse them every week. Keep the paper with your intentions with your crystals.

We hope you will find this ritual as magical as we have found it!

Tune in to our blog for more magical rituals!



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