A Crystal Grid for Prosperity

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on November 15 2019

If you have always wanted to attract abundance, wealth and prosperity into your life, and manifest the life you deserve then we have an amazing crystal grid for prosperity to share with you! Wondering how to do it? Here is how:

Why A Crystal Grid?

Although each crystal on its own holds its own energy signature that helps you to use it for a specific purpose, crystals can also be grouped to amplify their power and create a new, unique energy frequency that resonates more closely with a specific intention. That is why crystal grids are created.

Working with one crystal can be amazing and help you manifest the wanted results, however, when you work with a crystal grid, you will notice that crystal grids are more effective and bring quicker results. Although it’s hard to find balance in a crystal grid, they are more efficient because you are sending out a more specific and unique energy frequency which will also be stronger because of the sacred geometry.

Crystal grids are a very powerful way to send out an intention on a specific frequency, perfectly fine-tuned for the Universe to read.

Best Abundance & Prosperity Grid

To make sure you manifest the prosperity and abundance you deserve, we are sharing the most magical and effective of our crystal grids for abundance. We love this one the most! Here is how to do it in order and what you’ll need:

A pen and paper – Write down your intention as concisely as you can. It would be best to focus on your end goals – what you would achieve with the abundance and prosperity and how you would use it. You can start by being descriptive, and then narrow it down to one or two sentences.

Sage – Now that you are focused on your goal, it’s time to remove any pesky vibes and blockages from your crystals and yourself. Light up some sage, and make sure your crystals are enveloped with its smoke. Then take a few deep breaths. Then, open the nearest window o let the negative vibes out.

Selenite Stick – To make sure your crystals are energized properly, and your crystals vibrate with the highest possible energy, we use Selenite sticks to re-energize our crystals. To do so, simply use the Selenite stick from the bottom of the crystal, and then continue upwards – like drawing a straight line. Then, go to the bottom of the crystal, and upwards again. Repeat this process eight times with each crystal.

Tiger’s Eye Orgonite Pyramid – Now that your crystals are ready, we’ll start building the crystal grid. Hold your pyramid in your hands. Focus on the abundance that you want to manifest. Visualize it. Then place the paper with your intention in the middle of the crystal grid and place the pyramid on top of it.

4 Green Aventurine Puffed Hearts – Now place the puffed hearts at each corner of the orgonite pyramid. These crystals are the crystals that will combine their energy with the pyramid.

8 Clear Quartz Natural Points – And now place two natural points on each side of the pyramid, connecting the ends of the puffed hearts. These crystals will balance and stabilize the overall energy of the grid and lock it in into sending your abundance intentions to the Universe!

Then all you have to do is close your eyes and work your magic with the crystal grid!

Tune in to our blog to create a grid for Prosperity & Abundance!



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