2019 Neptune Retrograde Incoming

Written by Sorana Cancel


Posted on June 10 2019

The first Neptune Retrograde in 2019 is incoming this june! Here is what you should know:

We say that a planet is in retrogradation if we see it as moving backward on the sky. It’s just an illusion caused by the relative speed of Earth to the other planets, yet it’s a powerful illusion, as we know that relativity is one of the keys of astrology. We care about how we perceive things subjectively here on Earth more than about what we see objectively on the skies.

So if a planet appears to move in the opposite direction, the energy that we get from it is different: slower, less focused, more drawn to the past than to the future, often more extreme as well. In the domain symbolized by the retrograde planet, we’re likely to feel like we’re moving in quicksand or walking in place. In the same time, this triggers self-reflection and an awareness that we don’t usually have when we’re in the heart of the action.

Neptune Retrograde: 21 June – 27 November

Neptune rules illusion, dreams, deceit, addictions, mental health issues, but also spirituality, compassion, universal love. It’s an essentially introverted, sensitive planet, so when it retrogrades, this sensitivity can either be amped up or untangled through awareness.

Neptune retrogrades period for 160 days every year, marking a time when lies, secrets, beautifully crafted illusions can come to the surface, both on a personal and on a social level. Neptune usually has a difficult time being self-reflective through all his smoke and mirrors, but during his retrograde period, he can make it easier for us to see if we’ve been lying to ourselves, especially when it comes to addictions (food, alcohol, toxic relationships). If we’ve been building a fantasy life, relationship, career, then it’s time to wake up from our trance.

It could be painful as anxiety, guilt, confusion increase, possibly manifesting as psychosomatic issues as well. Of course, that’s only if we’ve been running from ourselves so far that it’s become difficult to find the breadcrumb trail back home. On the bright side, Neptune retrograde can increase softness, sensitivity, compassion and it makes a great time for any kind of spiritual activity, from reading self-development books to practicing astrology, meditation, divination or religious rituals.

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