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P1CA04 | Intention Setting For Candle Rituals

Written by Natalie Villanueva


Posted on January 14 2021

Learn Candle Magic | Lesson 004 | Intention Setting for Candle Rituals

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Let’s manifest some abundance for 2021 ensuring it’s lit! The best way to do so is with a candle. Candles are the most powerful manifestation tools because they embody all five elements. When a candle with a set intention burns, it sends the energy directly to the Universe, and hopefully the Universe bounces back that energy tenfold. Here is how to set intentions into a candle:

Take your notebook, and carefully think about the intention you are setting. Can you think of at least three symbols representing your intention? Carve them down into the wax of the candle with a toothpick. Then carve your name into the candle.

Now, repeat your intention out loud three times.

Then, hold your candle to your heart, and repeat the intention out loud three more times. Now focus on visualizing and seeing your intention and goal achieved. Focus on the feeling of gratitude for accomplishing your goal. Then open your eyes, and place your candle on the candle holder.

As you repeat the intention, set the clear quartz chips into the candle, wherever you see fit. You can also place them in a circle around the candle to charge the intention of the candle and enhance manifesting energy.

When you are ready, light your candle and focus on the flames of the candle as you repeat your intention. Never blow out your candle, use your wet fingers instead.

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Weekly Journal
What role have candles played in your life? Did they ever feel magical before?

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