The Magic of Rhodonite

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on March 13 2020

Nurturing & Reconnecting To Yourself

Rhodonite is well known for helping you connect to all the parts of yourself, especially the ones deeper down that are in need of healing. Many practices use Rhodonite in meditations that deal with healing deep emotional wounds, as well as nourishing your inner self.

Rhodonite is most often rose-pink, however, the color can vary to a deeper red. What is most eye-catchy about this crystal is that there are dendric white patterns spread through it that make it truly mesmerizing to gaze at.

The gentle yet string vibes connect mostly to the Heart Chakra allowing emotional healing on all levels. It’s an amazing crystal to have around in stressful times. Its official name was set in place somewhere in 1819, and it comes from the Greek “rhodon” which in literal translation means rose – because of its pinkish color.

However in the beginning, back when Rhodonite was discovered, it was called the Eagle Stone by the inhabitants in the Russian villages nearby the Ural mountains from where Rhodonite derives. This name was given from the locals because they often noticed eagles carrying small pieces of Rhodonite to their nests. Because of that, the locals started to place Rhodonite in the cribs of their young ones, hoping for them to also grow as big and strong as eagles.

More about Rhodonite

Keywords for Rhodonite:

Some keywords for Rhodonite include calmness, emotional healing, forgiveness, nourishment and nurturing love. If you are seeking to dive deep inside yourself and work on healing your emotional wounds, then Rhodonite can bring profound insight and nourishment.

Keep in mind that Rhodonite deals with your emotional side mostly, and although in a thought process it might be unclear what is going on, on an emotional level, you will experience healing. It’s not uncommon to feel strong emotions while working with Rhodonite, because of the delicate nature of healing emotional wounds.

On the other hand, Rhodonite is also an amazing stone for balancing yourself and achieving calmness - especially when your emotions are completely all over the place. Rhodonite is an amazing gentle yet strong stone that can help you open up yourself for forgiveness, as well as giving yourself the love that you deserve.

Origin of Rhodonite:

Rhodonite is not a very common crystal, however, it can be found in several places around the world. Most commonly, Rhodonite is found in Russia, in the Ural Mountains. Most of these deposits are used for ornamental uses. Other than Russia, Rhodonite is also mined in Sweden, California and New Jersey.

Are There Different Types of Rhodonite:

Nope! Rhodonite is one of a kind, however, it is closely related to the crystal Rhodochrosite.

How To Tell If Your Rhodonite Is Real?

A couple of quick tips to check if your Rhodonite is real are:

  • The color will not be consistent all around, it should vary.

  • An authentic Rhodonite is usually mostly clear in appearance where bubbles are unlikely.

  • Look for imperfections, natural stones have imperfections even if they are cut.

Rhodonite Mohs Hardness:

The Mohs Hardness for Rhodonite is 5.5 to 6.5. Keep in mind that Rhodonite is toxic when used in water because it contains aluminum.

How To Cleanse Your Rhodonite:

Rhodonite can be cleansed in a variety of ways. Smudging with sage, lavender or Palo Santo is a great way to cleanse your Rhodonite. Using a tuning fork will also do the trick. A tap or two will knock off any yucky energy. Also, since Rhodonite has Mohs Hardness of 6.5, you can cleanse this stone through a strong stream of running water. Finally, leaving your Rhodonite under a Full Moon on your windowsill will cleanse it fully and thoroughly. No matter what way you chose to cleanse your Rhodonite, just be sure to set an intention that your crystal is cleansed with all that does not belong to you.

Chakras Rhodonite Connects Best With:

Rhodonite is one of the best crystals to connect with your Heart Chakra and balance it. The Heart Chakra is the energy center of your body that is responsible for all the types of love, the center of balance between all chakras and also the center that helps us understand ourselves. Although the Heart Chakra is primarily our gateway to universal and infinite love, the Heart Chakra is also the center of self-acceptance, deeper understanding of ourselves and most importantly the center of harmony and balance.

The interesting part is that all other chakras belong either to the chakras of matter or chakras of spirit, however, the Heart Chakra stands on her own, as a balancer, the bridge between spirit and matter. By working on your Heart Chakra with Rhodonite, you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself, and find the courage within you to nurture and heal your emotional wounds. It’s an amazing crystal to help you be more calm, understanding, kind and more aware of all the love around you as well as within you.

Birthstone Month for Rhodonite:

Rhodonite is not a traditional birthstone, but it’s believed that it affects and connects best with people who are born in the middle of autumn.

Zodiac Sign for Rhodonite:

Although Rhodonite is not really a traditional birthstone, it connects best with the Scorpio zodiac sign.

Planet Connected with Rhodonite:

If you are wishing to connect with Venus, Rhodonite is highly connected to this planet. Venus rules our emotions, true passions in life, the pleasure we take and pursue.

Element Rhodonite Connect With:

Rhodonite is connected to the element of Fire. The fiery nature of Rhodonite awakens passionate love, and self-love within you, stirring your creativity, and helping you revitalize, reenergize yourself and become more joyful in life.

Affirmations Associated With Rhodonite:

Some key affirmations to use with Rhodonite are:

I am loving and caring towards myself

I am healing my emotional wounds and reclaiming my emotional health.

I am reinvigorating myself with love.

I allow myself to nurture and heal my wounds.

I nurture my inner self.

I breathe out my anxiety, and breathe in loving and caring energy.

I am a loving, kind and understanding in every minute of my existence

The Top Three Ways to Use Rhodonite

There are soo many ways to use Rhodonite in your crystal healing work. The best ways are in, a heart chakra meditation and in a crystal grid.

For Heart Chakra Meditation:

  1. Take 5 calming breaths, relaxing deeper with each breath

  2. Place your Rhodonite on your chest, between your breasts.

  3. Sit with the Rhodonite in place for as long as you feel comfortable, pushing away any thoughts and focusing on your breathing.

  4. When you are ready, share your gratitude with the universe.

  5. Repeat whenever you need extra love and understanding in your life

    You can use Rhodonite for a Crystal Grid to focus on connecting with yourself and harnessing love. Check out this post on how to create a crystal grid here.

Rhodonite Tumbled and Raw Stones

Rhodonite Crystal Shapes

Rhodonite Pendants, Necklaces & Bracelets

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