The Magic Of Black Tourmaline

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on August 18 2020

Ground Your Entire Being

Black Tourmaline is well known for its ability to ground and protect. It’s a deeply cleansing and calming stone. Many practices use Black Tourmaline in meditation as a stone for releasing and cleansing negative energy, dissolving blocks and also as a stone for protecting and balancing crystal grids.  

Black Tourmaline belongs to a complex family of crystals, which is a mix of many components. Based on the different proportions of components, there are different types of Black Tourmaline, even though the most common one in nature is called Schorl.

Black Tourmaline’s name derives from the ancient Sinhalese word “turamali” which means ‘small from the earth’. Black Tourmaline is mostly black, however, it’s color may vary depending on its composition.

Keywords for Black Tourmaline :

Some keywords for Black Tourmaline include grounding, protection, cleansing, soothing, and nourishing. If you are seeking for calmness and anxiety relief, then meditating with Black Tourmaline is an amazing way to soothe yourself back to calmness. Black Tourmaline is also known as a crystal for protection, so wearing a bit of Black Tourmaline can help you ward off negative vibes.

Because of its extremely protective abilities, many people use Black Tourmaline in their home so that they can create a protective barrier against negative energy by placing it in the 4 outermost corners of your home.

If you wish to balance and protect your crystal grids, or to create human crystal grids, then Black Tourmaline is an amazing crystal to use as a balancer in your crystal grids.

Origin of Black Tourmaline :

Black Tourmaline is a fairly common crystal and is available on all continents.  Most commonly, Black Tourmaline is produced in abundance in Africa, Madagascar, Russia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and many more.

Are There Different Types Of Black Tourmaline?

Yes!  Black Tourmaline varies by where it was formed and mined. However, most of the Black Tourmaline that I available in the world for large sale is the one most common, and most vastly used Black Tourmaline type – Schorl.

How To Tell If Your Black Tourmaline Is Real?

A couple quick tips to check if your Black Tourmaline is real are:

Black Tourmaline is black. Some crystals may have a slightly brownish, or blue undertone, but should still remain primarily black.

Color will not be consistent all around, it should vary.

Look for imperfections, natural stones have imperfections even if they are cut.

Black Tourmaline Mohs Hardness:

The Mohs Hardness for Black Tourmaline is 7.0 - 7.5 making it a durable stone. 

How To Cleanse Your Black Tourmaline :

Black Tourmaline can be cleansed in a variety of ways.  Smudging with sage, lavender or palo santo is a great way to cleanse your Black Tourmaline. Using a tuning fork will also do the trick.  A tap or two will knock off any yucky energy.

Leaving your Black Tourmaline under a Full Moon on your windowsill will cleanse it fully and thoroughly.  No matter what way you chose to cleanse your Black Tourmaline, just be sure to set an intention that your crystal be cleansed with all that does not belong to you.

Chakras Black Tourmaline Connects Best With:

Black Tourmaline is a crystal that connects the best with the Root Chakra, and it is most commonly used for re-balancing the root chakra. The Root Chakra or the Base Chakra is the very first chakra of our energetic system. It’s the foundation for the whole energetic system in our bodies.

When the Root Chakra is imbalanced, the whole chakra system suffers from that disbalance. Like the foundation, the Root Chakra is the center of grounding, security, courage, and life itself. Black Tourmaline connects deeply with the Root Chakra, and it’s an amazing crystal to work with while balancing the root chakra.  

Zodiac Sign for Black Tourmaline:

The sign of Libra is connected with Black Tourmaline, so if you were born between September 23 and October 22 this is one of the best stones for you to use to get in tune with your sun sign.

Planet Connected with Black Tourmaline:

 If you are wishing to connect with Earth, Black Tourmaline is highly connected to this planet.  Earth rules our inner identity, and how we perceive ourselves, versus who we truly are.

Element Black Tourmaline Connect With:

Black Tourmaline is connected to the element of Wind. The wind is believed to activate the mind, and encourage clairvoyance and intuition.

Affirmations Associated With Black Tourmaline:

Some key affirmations to use with Black Tourmaline are:

I am safe.

I am an unwavering force.

I am productive.

I am overcoming my fears.

I am in complete balance and harmony with myself.

I am my own sanctuary.

I am filled with life energy.

I am becoming stronger and stronger.

The Best Ways to Use Black Tourmaline

There are soo many ways to use Black Tourmaline in your crystal healing work.  The best ways are in a root chakra meditation and in a crystal grid. 

For Root Chakra Meditation:

Lay down in a comfortable position

Take 5 calming breaths, relaxing deeper with each breath

Place your Black Tourmaline below your belly button.

Sit with the Black Tourmaline in place for as long as you feel comfortable, pushing away any thoughts and focusing on your breathing.

When you are ready, share your gratitude with the universe.

Repeat whenever you need to work on balancing and grounding yourself. You can use Black Tourmaline for a Crystal Grid to focus on developing your personal growth. Check out this post on how to create a crystal grid here.

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