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Word of the Week – Shaman

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on April 30 2018

Thousands of years ago, in ancient history, shamans have risen and became an important part of the first human communities. Even today, with all this technological advance, there are still communities that have these very important persons in their community.

What are shamans though? Why have they thrived for this long?

Shamans take a very central place in the community, they are considered as friends to the entire community that are there to help out in any way they can. They are medical doctors, psychologists, and even philosophers. Their teachings are mainly oral, transferred from generation to generation. Often in history and now it’s believed that a person that survives a lightning strike has received the call to become a shaman. Either way, shamans have extremely heightened senses and the ability to travel to different spiritual realms. Even the name shaman says “the one who sees in the dark”.

They use these powers to improve themselves and the community. With their heightened senses they sense things that we can not even begin to imagine. This is why they take such an important place in the community and are considered as friends – because they can offer a helping hand in more than one way.

Among their other roles, they are also teachers. They learn as much as they can in the spirit realm and then they transfer that knowledge to the community. When they enter their trance-like state through which they travel to different spiritual realms, their brain enters the Theta brainwave state – the one between being awake and asleep.

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