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Let the Joy and Kindness take you away! - Just Good News

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on January 13 2018

Hello everyone! Did you have an awesome week?

Well, it’s time to make it even more awesome. We are ready to inspire you in this New Year to be awesome, kind and spread positive vibes wherever you go!

The Just Good News is here guys, and get ready to meet the bravest hero and her welcoming party, learn how much kindness is important when a little refuge boy gets his wish, an awesome idea that can perhaps lead to resolving world hunger and much more.

Read on my friends, and get ready to get ready to be inspired! The positivity we have for you is contagious!

Welcoming a brave hero!

A brave little 8 year old girl was diagnosed with cancer but luckily she never gave up. She missed almost a year and a half from school in the battle against it, and she walked out as a real champion. Her friends and their families were so happy to hear that she will be going back to school after all that she had been through, they gathered on the cold weather and cheered her on. Little girl, you are the bravest hero there is! Click here to check out her story and be inspired by her resolve!





Waddle away friend!

This little duck was one-legged, but not anymore! After so many tries students have finally printed him the perfect fit leg and now he can walk again. Well done guys! Just look at the joy and gratitude of this little guy, it’s contagious! You can check the full story here.

A simple act of kindness

A little boy that was a Syrian refugee was working as a shoe shiner. His dream was to go to the gym but he never got the chance since, at 12 years, he had to work hard to provide for his family any way he could. Luckily, he was noticed staring longingly at the gym and the guys who worked there are awesome! They gave him a lifetime free membership. Kindness is everything! Click here to read the full story.

A solution to world hunger?

Well, we are not quite there yet, but we think it’s a pretty good start. This lady opened up a restaurant and she is the only one who works there. The thing is, her idea has a knack. If you can’t afford the meal, you can pay by helping out at the restaurant by working for an hour. What a wonderful idea! You do lady! You can check out the full story here.

Snowboarding pro!

This little puppy is hilarious. We bet if you check it out you won’t be able to resist the smile. The dog is making the best of this snowy weather. Wondering how? By sliding down the hill! And not only that, as soon as it gets down it grabs the slide to go for another turn! Look how joyful it is, it’s surreal! Click here to watch the video and check the full story.

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