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The Power of Helping Each Other Out! - Just Good News

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on January 26 2018

Hello Guys!
The weekend is almost starting and we thought after the stressful week, you should relax and get inspired by the goodness of the world!

People are being awesome around the world, all the time, and most of that time, it’s in secret. Which is why we are always happy when we hear about a good deed and can share it with you.

Are you ready to be reinvigorated and filled with positive energy by reading about the humblest dream a brain cancer patient had (and it came true!), how the little things, such as electricity and butterflies can be the source of joy? We are ready, to show you the power of helping each other out and the power of random acts of kindness! Let’s go!

Even Starbucks can be a place of joy!

When the young mother couldn’t find someone to watch over her little girl she took her to work. And the most amazing thing happened. Her manager offered to take care of her little daughter. But with the morning rush, they stumbled on a problem. Who would watch the little girl? Luckily a trooper that was a regular stepped in and watched over the little girl. And that’s how it is always supposed to be in life guys! You should always help each other out! Click here to check the full story!

The humblest dreams are the loveliest!

When a woman had recurring brain surgeries, because she has brain cancer, her friends decided to make her dream come true. And if you thought she asked for wealth or some fancy journey, guess again. All she wanted was to be happy and showered with puppies. So they took her to the shelter and covered her with every single puppy! Sometimes, our hardships make us see what we need in life. It’s the little, simple things that make you happy guys! Click here to check the full story!

Gratefulness and Joy overwhelm!

When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico a lot of people were left with nothing. A school even didn’t have electricity for 112 days. And they finally managed to restore it! All the students and teachers were so happy and grateful, it was a true celebration! So be grateful for what you have, be grateful for every little thing! Click here to watch the awesome video!

Every Life is precious!

When this girl’s mom passed away, she left her a great message – To cherish butterflies because every time she sees one, it will mean that her mom was checking up on her. So when she saw an injured butterfly, she couldn’t just leave her be. She performed a god damn surgery guys! She saved the butterfly’s life and she released her to fly away! What an awesome thing to do! Remember, even the tiniest souls have value! Click here to check the full story and the operation!

A random act of kindness!

A stranger heard a woman cry and beg over the phone, on the train. Apparently, she was a soldier but with her payment, she couldn’t afford to pay the electricity bill. He made a decision right then and there and paid her electricity bill by giving his credit card information over the phone! What an awesome way to show that you should all help each other out and love each other! Every kind deed counts! Click here to see the full story.

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