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Soulmates and the Proof that the Impossible is Possible! - Just Good News

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on February 02 2018

Hello Everyone!

We are so happy that so many good things are happening around the world which we can share with you in our Just Good News articles.

Hopefully we will overwhelm you with positive vibes and you will have an awesome weekend! Are you ready for the random acts of kindness that strike right in your hearts, soulmates that can’t forget even with Alzheimer’s or to get to know that the impossible is possible? Read on my friends, and be inspired!

Soulmates exist!

One of the worst nightmares of a relationship would be, what if you wake up one day and find out that your partner has forgotten you? Battling with Alzheimer’s, the husband forgot that he was married to his wife with which he’s been married for 34 years. But his heart could never forget. So he woke up his wife in the middle of the night and asked her to marry him! How adorable! Soulmates are real guys! Check the story here.

Random act of kindness! Prepare for the *Heart-Melt!*

In the freezing winter weather a homeless man got on the train without shoes, just a bunch of socks with which he was trying to keep his legs warm. And when the guy across, saw this he couldn’t stand it. He took off his brand new winter boots, opened his suitcase, took out socks and gave them to the homeless man and got off on the station. Kindness and helping each other out is everything, guys! Help whenever you can! Be kinder! Read the full story here.

School canceled – with style!

One of the best feelings, when we were kids, was when school was cancelled. There wasn’t anything better than that note. But this principle is making the kids wishing for more snow days just so they can get more of his hilarious notes! Sometimes all you need is a laugh! Click here to see the videos.

Even cats need hugs!

This little kitten loved getting hugged. He literally didn’t want to let go of the lady of the video. Thankfully people thought that the kitten was adorable and they reposted the video so many times, that finally they found him a home! He is so cute! Everyone needs some love people! Check the story here.

Impossible is just a word!

When this young lady became a victim to a mass shooting, the doctors told her husband that she has a non-survivable injury since she was shot in the left hemisphere in the brain. Today, she walked out of the hospital, alive and well despite all of the doctors expectations. Impossible is just a word guys! You can do anything! Check out the full story here.

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