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Ready to start an Awesome Weekend with our Just Good News?

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on December 08 2017

Hello everyone!

It's finally Fridayyyyyyy! And what better way to start off an awesome weekend than with Just Good News? Let’s see how people have been awesome this week so you can tune in on their vibe and be awesome yourself!

Santa’s awesome!

When little Brayden was diagnosed with autism, his parents knew that crowds will be one of the things their son won’t be able to be in. Which means, no pictures with Santa, since you have to wait in lines, it’s crowded, the lights and the very atmosphere of the place would be a horrible and challenging environment and overall experience for their son to be in. But thanks to the Caring Santa Program, Brayden got to meet Santa, the way he was most comfortable, on the floor. And the guy dressed as Santa didn’t even care, he got down, laid on the floor next to Brayden so they can play with some toys. Way to go Santa! He brought joy to little Braydon and his family and to anyone who read the story. You can check it out here.

Everyone can have their own hero, even a bunny!

With the recent news of a fire raging in California, many of the wildlife have been in danger. And we all know, when the fire rages everyone knows, they have to go as far away from the fire as possible. But this guy, saw a little rabbit stuck on the high road with all this fire raging around it. But did he stop to think about himself? Not even for a second. He went in and saved this little guy’s life. What an awesome guy and a gentle soul! You can check out the awesome video here.

Fairy Godmother is that you?

Miss LeAnn has two sons in the military, and as usual she sends them everything she can, including medical supplies as any mother would. But when she heard that many of the soldiers don’t get anything at all, since they are the ones that are supporting their families. Lucky for them she is a great person with a huge heart and she stared to collect donations and medical supplies, even set up a web page so she can make medical packages for the soldiers. She has sent around 10 000 packages people. Still think you can’t make a change? Miss LeAnn, you are a wonderful person! You can check out the full story here.

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