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Ready to start off Monday with our awesome Just Good News?

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on December 04 2017

Hello everyone!

It’s Monday and Mercury is retrograde!  But not to worry, we're here to cheer you up and prove that even Mondays can be magical! Let’s start your Monday with seeing the great things people did all over the world last week, shall we?

Positive vibes bring more positive vibes!

Miss Bishop is a cancer patient that for obvious reasons, has trouble getting up of the bed in the mornings. But nonetheless because of financial difficulties she couldn’t afford to stop working. Just imagine, her every day is 10 times harder than any of ours. So, off she went to her job when she stopped by to buy a lottery ticket. And just like that, all her financial troubles were gone!  She hit the jackpot! The joy overwhelmed her and her family and a week later she hit another jackpot, she was finally getting a positive reaction from her meds. The chemotherapy was working! You can check the full story here. Just like that, life sometimes takes a magical turn.

Any man would wish for students like these! *Heart-melt*

Mister Nathan is a math teacher and he is one of the most loved teachers in the school. In the last couple of weeks his son was diagnosed with leukemia and he had to take some time off to spend with him in the hospital. Unfortunately the hospital bills were piling and he realized he wouldn’t be able to buy a Christmas gift for his son this year. But his class never let that happen. They raised money and bought a Christmas gift for his son. You guys!!! These kids are magical! You can check out the full story and the video here.

Firefighters with hearts of gold!

Black Friday is not always about the shopping. Many people choose to stay home and spread the holiday spirit by decorating their houses. The firefighters were called to a house where Mister Glen was putting up the Christmas lights on his house when he fell and broke his leg. But did the firefighters stop there? They sure didn’t. They stayed behind, because they felt bad since Mister Glen wouldn’t be able to put the rest of the lights with his broken leg, so they did it for him. You can check out the whole story here.

People are being awesome all over the world guys! So with this news we hope we inspired you to stop the cranky Monday vibe and start being magical instead!

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