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Operation Copsicle: Free Ice Cream for everyone, all day long! & Iceberg Adventures: Saving a Stranded Fox! - Just Good News

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on July 13 2018

In the summer heat, we have some awesome weekly dose of positivity and inspiration just for you guys! We are so happy that we have this amazing opportunity to share all the good news and how awesome people have been around the world! Are you excited for this week’s Just Good News? Because we will be taking you on a trip all around the world this week. From summer heats and free ice cream giveaway in operation Copsicle, saving a wedding disaster, and by a complete stranger too to the saving of a white fox stranded on an iceberg! We have it all, just for you guys! Check it out below!

We All Scream For Ice Cream

In the summer heat, there is only one thing that can cool you off and remind you that life indeed is good. It’s ice cream, of course! Remember when you were young and you heard the ice cream truck? The joy, the excitement, the run for it and praying that your favorite flavor is still there so you can buy it? Well, the police department did something amazing for kids. They bought an ice cream truck to give away free ice creams! They say that they wanted to connect with the community better and improve relationships through it. They are even calling it: Operation Copsicle! Check out the full story here.

The Wedding Was Saved By A Complete Stranger!

Beach weddings are so amazing, don’t you think? When this bride spent months and months planning for her perfect beach wedding, the day finally arrived. And with it so did thick drops of rain. As the perfect setup was getting drenched everyone was in panic. And then the most amazing thing happened. A woman that lived nearby came and offered her house so the wedding can take place that day. She even setup her house for it! How awesome is that? Check out the full story here!

Fishermen Saved A Fox From An Iceberg

There they were, minding their own business on the cold weather, fishing for crabs when they noticed something strange on an iceberg. Something was stranded on it, a white fox. They didn’t even think, they went ahead to save the poor stranded fox before the ice melted of he starved to death. Luckily they managed to save it and nurse it back to health on the ship. How amazing is that? Check out the full adventure here.

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