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Meditation Tools to Help you Meditate

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on June 06 2018

Meditation is proven to be one of the best ways of relieving stress in this modern day era. It’s the best habit you can make for life. As any lifelong habit you need some meditation tools to help you meditate. Especially in the beginning. Focusing can be one of the biggest issues during meditation and falling asleep follows right behind it. But luckily for you discipline is something you can obtain. Of course, if you have the right meditation tools to help you meditate everything goes a bit smoother. So, let’s wake your inner Zen with these awesome Meditation Tools!

What are the necessary Meditation Tools to Help you Meditate?

1. Cushions

Most of the Meditation types are in a sitting position. While you may sit on a chair, we recommend for you to sit on the floor. Since most of the floors in the apartments and houses are of hardwood and similar materials, it can be a little uncomfortable and cold to sit on the floor. Which is where cushions come in handy. By having one or several, you will eliminate this problem and have a comfortable, quiet and relaxing Meditation session.


2. Incense & Essential Oils

Essential oils when used as aromatherapy tools can have a great effect on you. Each essential oil has it’s own scent and it’s own effect and they can be very useful and can help you relax and improve your focus during meditation. Essential oils are the perfect tools to help you meditate. You can check some of our awesome, magical oils below.

3. Candles

Sometimes, the lighting in your house can be very hard on your eyes. Which is why candles come in very handy since they are much gentler on your eyes. Also, the flames of the candle can give you a sense of calm which makes them the perfect tools for meditation. Check out our magical candles below!

4. Singing bowls

When it comes to singing bowls, they resonate sound on magical, calming frequencies that are certainly very helpful when it comes to meditation. It is scientifically proven that they do change brain waves. You can check our magical singing bowls below!


5. Peaceful images

By arranging your Meditation space in a way that it resonates with positive energy, it will help you to more easily transform your negative energy into a positive one. This also helps to relax you and help you restore balance in your life. By doing so, you will transform your meditation space in to a positive vibe haven, where you will always feel safe.

6. Your phone/tablet/laptop

Believe it or not, they are welcome, but only if you are listening to guided meditations, or you will play some calming music in the background that will help you relax. Which means, turning off all kinds of notifications, putting every type of other disturbance that can occur from them on silent, so you can focus on your Meditation session. See, even your laptop can be a great meditation tool, if you know how to use it!

We hope that we have helped you with these tips so you can transform your Meditation sessions and space into a more productive and magical haven!

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