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Sometimes you need some JUST GOOD NEWS!!!

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on November 06 2017

Hey ya'll and welcome to our first ever Just Good News weekly roundup!!  We partnered with Rossella and scoured the net for all the most awesome things that happened last week.


If this isn't proof that there are some magical humans on this planet...

These brave souls are risking their citizenship to help others.  Read about them here: In Mexico, undocumented migrants risk deportation to aid earthquake victims

Less Waste = Science x Restaurants

Science passes the taste test at these top restaurants

A cure for workaholism?

Meditation found to be the cure for workaholism and they have stats here

When you need a reminder Armageddon was just a movie...

There Are Fewer Deadly Undiscovered Asteroids Than We Thought

Three words...FREE...MEDITATION...APP

There is a new rapid meditation out and it's FREE!  Learn about it at Telecrunch's Kevin Rose launches free rapid meditation app Oak

One more reason to get that butt in the gym...

We all know there are a million benefits for working out but Science Daly just published a report on exercise and breast cancer.  Read it here:  Exercise can counteract treatment side-effects, improve cardiovascular fitness in women with advanced breast cancer

It's about time for a breakthrough...

According to a report from Telegraph UK, NHS patients to get faster access to 'breakthrough' medicines

Another reason to bring Grandma to Yoga...

A new study published reports that Yoga reduces falls among the elderly.  Check out the details here

Who says Millenials aren't handy?

Some innovative students are helping Puerto Rico in a cool new way!  Read the Road to Recovery: Students Are Building Better Maps for Puerto Rico Aid Workers

It's about time for a Medicine Breakthrough...

Health Care IT News proposes that the next precision medicine breakthrough is about apps, not EHRs. Find out how

Meet the top 10 CNN Heroes of 2017 - CNN - via @CNN

More Just Good News...

Ebola breakthrough gives early warning

Mexican mogul Slim donates $105 million to earthquake recovery efforts

Huge news: scientists solve mystery of dead male woolly mammoths

Hit by a drunken driver at 17, she gives other amputees hope

Pro-science group sets up new ways for government scientists to blow the whistle \

Puerto Rico recovery effort shows 'a church that walks with the poor


We hope you enjoyed this week's Just Good News!  If you come across some magical news you want us to share, be sure to drop it below with a verifiable source.  Thank you so much in advance.



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