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Just Good News – Japan’s courtesy is contagious and Baby Girl saved by a Pit Bull!

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on June 22 2018

Summer is here and with it so is the rush of positive vibes. Playfulness in the air, vacations, relaxation, and parties and our Just Good News each Friday!

Are you ready for todays Just Good News?

People have been amazing all over the world, every second and we have it all here just for you! Charge up with positive vibes and learn all about Japan’s courtesy, a hero pit bull that saved a baby girl from a fire and a brave woman who went to save a little boy but ended saving three persons! Check it all out below!

Japan’s courtesy is contagious!

When Japan finally won in a match on the World Soccer Cup, the cheers and support wasn’t the only thing they brought with themselves. The match was over and they whipped out their blue bags and started cleaning their seats. Not a single piece of paper was left on the field! Not only that, but Senegal’s fans did it as well on the next match! Could it be the start of a new world cup tradition? Check it out here and spread the word!

Baby Girl saved from a fire by a pit bull

When her dog started barking like crazy, the babies mom was caught by surprise. Sasha is usually peaceful and friendly for a pit bull. But she wasn’t calming down and even threw herself on the backdoor. And when the babies mom opened the door she saw the next door house on fire. The house in which her baby girl was in. But Sasha the pit bull was already on it, she caught the baby by the diaper and was trying to pull it out of the bed to save it! What a hero! Check out the full story here.

She went to save a drowning boy and ended up saving three lives!

When she was passing by the pool, she saw a little boy drowning. She didn’t think at all, she threw herself into the water to pull out the little boy. But more surprises awaited her. The boy's mother was drowning too. And she was pregnant as well! Luckily she managed to save them all and got just in time! What an amazing woman! Check out the full story here.

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