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Just Good News - A Mother's Day Special and Puppy Matchmaking Site

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on May 18 2018

Hello everyone!

Isn’t it good when you know that people are being awesome all over the world? Isn’t it great when people share such positive vibes all around us that we can’t help but reply with joy and kindness in return? We think it's amazing that people are going through such lengths just to help each other which is why we always want to share our Just Good News articles with you! We need to see more of the good in this world and with today’s Just Good News, you’ll see how amazing people have been!

Are you ready to find out about how special Mother’s Day can be when Ruby Tuesday staff gets their mind to it? Ready for heart-melting stories about a kid that missed his dad so much that 70 police officers gathered to walk him to school? Or maybe a road trip to the future of puppy adoption?

Ruby Tuesday Staff made Mother’s Day special

When Ruby Tuesday Staff saw a lady having lunch alone on Mother’s Day, they were heartbroken. They think that every mother should feel special on this day. So, they sneaked out and made her a special gift basket from the store next door. Then they even asked their managers to give the lady a free lunch. And the best part is, the lady was having such a hard time in her life, she was so moved by this amazing gesture that she didn’t have time anymore to be sad. All she had on her face was an enormous smile that would warm anyone's heart! Check out the full story here.

Doggy Matchmaking Site is Online!

The most common reason or dogs not being adopted or being returned is that usually, the people that chose the pet took the dog with the wrong character. But that is all in the past. A 13-year-old girl made an amazing website that helps you get matched up with the perfect dog for you and your home. Also, it encourages cat adoptions. Isn’t that amazing? Just swipe left for the perfect dog in your life! Check out the full story here.

Fatherless kid asks someone to take him to school, 70 officers volunteered

When a boy lost his father on police duty, he was devastated. It was his first day back in school and he asked his mom if she and some friends can take him to school. And then the next day, on his way to school, 70 police officers were waiting for him, to take him to school. How amazing is that? Check out the full story here.

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