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Hiker Rescued by a Husky, Parade for Her 107th Birthday and Love Emails to Trees - Just Good News

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on June 29 2018

Are you ready to relax and have an amazing summer?

It’s time to let the summer breeze take you away along with all the positive vibes. And what better way to boost those positive vibes than with our Just Good News? It’s time to let the joy overflow every part of your life. The people around the world have been kind and helped a fellow soul in more ways than one. Let their inspiring stories brought to you by our Just Good News awake the flow of positive vibes within you!

Are you ready to learn all about a super husky saving a hiker, a 107-year-old getting her own parade for her birthday and the most beautiful love emails – sent to trees?! Check it out below:

Hiker rescued by a husky!

When this lady went on a three-day hike everything was fine. Then she slipped and fell into the snow and the husky arrived. It was a local guide and helped her find her way to the road. When she tried to cross a river, the spot was too deep and the river took her downstream. Luckily the dog was still with her and went in to rescue her and he did! Who needs Superman when you have a husky to watch over you? Check out the full story here.

She got a parade for her 107th birthday

When this little old lady’s birthday was coming up, naturally her nurses asked her what she wanted for her birthday. But they didn’t quite expect the answer they got. The little old lady wanted to drive in a car with the roof pulled down on a parade. Since there wasn’t any upcoming parade, the nurses decided to organize one for her. And she got the most amazing parade ever for her birthday! In a roofless car, just like she wanted! Amazing people! Read the full story here.

People are sending love emails to trees

How does one email a tree? Well, the city of Melbourne decided that the best way to communicate issues with dangers regarding falling three branches or threes should be through email. They assigned each tree an email so the concerned citizens can report any issues. But, one look through the emails and the atmosphere got heated. People have been sending love letters to trees!

My dearest Ulmus,

As I was leaving St. Mary’s College today I was struck, not by a branch, but by your radiant beauty. You must get these messages all the time. You’re such an attractive tree.

How beautiful is this? All life is precious! Check out the full story and some of the other letters here!

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