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A Brave Little Kitten and some More Just Good News!

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on December 15 2017

Hello guys! I am so happy, these last couple of weeks people did amazing things all around the world. I guess the holiday spirit inspires them, and I bet it will inspire you too once you read our scoop of Just Good News! Here we go:

Awesome coworkers

After the employees of a bank found out that their janitor just lost his beloved dog, they decided to get together to cheer him up. On his birthday, they got him a new puppy! You can only imagine the joy of the janitor! Amazing guys, you can check out his reaction here.

The power of love!

This little kitten had become a hero guys. This little guy bravely defended a little kid, Cydni, with whom he sleeps, from a rattlesnake. He got bit trying to save her, but he will make a full recovery. You can read of his heroic actions here.

Prepare for “Heart-Melts!”

This teacher puts up a wishing tree every year for the less fortunate children. This year they picked a note that said that this little girl wanted some clothes and a bike. Since they didn’t have enough money for the bike, they collected money for the clothes. Or so the teacher thought. Then a couple of days later the kids show up with a bike in the classroom for the little girl. Guys if kids can be this awesome, we have to step it up a bit! Check out the story here.

An unexpected hero

This homeless man heard screams from a house. Little did he know that that house was on fire and there were kids trapped inside. So this guy jumped in, with no regard about his well-being or about his life to bend the door so the kids can get outside. What an awesome man! Good job Mister! You can check the details of it here.

True friends still exist!

Miss Bridget has cerebral palsy and most of the day, she is in enormous strain, even when walking. She used a special bike to get around but someone seemed to have stolen it. While she was worried what should she do, when her boss organized a fundraiser and bought her a new bike. How amazing is that guys? You can check it out here.

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