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Cello Player fights Terrorism with Music, Street Performers gather Money for Homeless and High fiving kittens for adoption! - Just Good News

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on May 04 2018

Hello everyone!

The weekend is about to start and it’s time to recharge yourself with positive vibes! We know how exhausting this week might have been for you guys, but this weekend it’s time to get inspired and joyful with today’s Just Good News! Are you ready to get inspired by a famous cello player that fights terrorism with his music or how street performers play to gather money for homeless people? How about some heart melts with the high fiving kittens for adoption? Check it all below!

Famous cello player fights terrorism with music

Terrorism is a huge problem in society nowadays. When three car bombs exploded and left people terrified, a famous cello player took his cello and played his beautiful music on the site of the bombing. “The focal point is to beat terror and intimidation through beauty and refinement in civilization,” Wasfi says. After his heart whelming performance he even created an organization of his own so he can continue the fight for peace through music. Check out his awesome story here.

High fiving kittens for adoption!

There are so many animals in shelters and so little people adopt them. Sometimes the environment of the shelter itself doesn’t let each cat show their wonderful personality and how caring and welcoming they can be. But with this new program, we bet no one will be able to resist them. They are teaching cats in shelters to do tricks like high fiving, so the cats can have an easier time to show off. Isn’t that amazing? You can check out the full story here.

Street performers play for the homeless

When a young man moved to New York, he was really shocked by the number of homeless people. What shocked him, even more, was how ignored this problem was. So, he came up with the best solution. He took his guitar and played for hours, and all the money he made he gave them to homeless people. He even formed a non-profit charity organization and has 3 other artists that play for the homeless. Well-done sir! Check out his story here.

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