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A Tale of Second Chances & Just Good News!

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on January 05 2018

Hello guys!
It’s finally here, the very first Just Good News articles of the New Magical Year!

Are you ready to hear how kind, persistent and awesome people had been in the first week of the New Year? We have all that is needed to spark you up and make you vibrate with positive energy! From second chances to boys that didn’t have a home, neighborhood heroes that saved a whole herd of elks, hotel puppy snuggles, a true example of resolve and many more! Check it out below:

A wonderful second chance!

Every person wants to have prosperity in their life, and to be given the chance to achieve it. When they told this boy that he is academically ineligible he cried his eyes out. But, the universe decided that wasn't the end of his story. His coach took him in and before you know it not only has he been proclaimed the MVP in his sports team but he also earned a scholarship. Way to go Coach! You can read his story here.

Let the snuggles begin!

If you are an indoors person that really loves animals, well we have the perfect hotel for you to say at. This hotel at San Francisco has a special button you see. When you press it a little dressed up puppy is brought to your room so you can snuggle with it. How adorable! Click here to see the full story!

Heroes assemble!

When a heard of elks fell into frozen water, the people that lived nearby couldn’t just stand and watch it. Instead they got out of their comfortable and warm houses and dug a road so the elks can get out of the water. They even had to pull a couple of them themselves. You guys, you were amazing! Click here to check out the full story.

Learn resolve and be inspired by the very best!

When you have a strong resolve the success will follow. But nobody told this to the young mother when they diagnosed her little girl with autism. But her little girl never gave up, she wanted to work hard and be just like everyone else, no special treatment. And soon she will be getting her college diploma and already has a part time job and drives a car. No excuses guys, you just need strong resolve! Little girl, you are absolutely awesome! Check out the full story here.

Kittens, now it’s your turn to get rescued!

In the past few weeks we have heard a lot of these little rebels. From shenanigans to true heroes among the kittens we’ve seen it all. This week, a little kitten fell into the water, and when it barely got out of the water its paws froze to the ground. Luckily even we, among the humans have heroes! The sheriff came over and unfroze its feet with warm water and kept it into his shirt until he safely delivered it to the people who called him. They even adopted it and named it after the sheriff! Click here to check out the full story!

Winter beauty in all its wonder!

You might have heard that the Niagara Falls are frozen due to the low winter temperatures. While it might sound alarming, it actually turned it into Winter Wonderland. There have been tons of photos capturing this beauty, and let me tell you it looks so surreal! Click here to see the beautiful gallery. After all, what better way to feel positive and beautiful than seeing breathtaking beauty like this?

Ready those napkins. Prepare for the Heart-Melts!

This little boy watched the movie Coco and was practicing the song from the movie to sing it to his baby sister. The thing is his baby sister passed away last year, but this little boy never forgot her. He got out his toy guitar, and started jamming the song in front of a picture for her on what would have been her birthday. Little guy, you are melting our hearts! Check out the story and video here.

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