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News That Doesn't Make You Want to Slit Your Wrists

Written by Shereen Campbell


Posted on September 06 2017

Hey ya'll!

For the last week or so, my mom has been visiting me.When the parents come for a visit, sometimes you are lucky enough to learn something new about them. I've learned my mom watches the news a lot. I'm not sure if this is a newly developed habit based on the current political climate, or what. Either way, because she's been staying with me, naturally I have been watching the news a lot too. I discovered something about myself. The more I watched the black chronic and the horrors they choose to put on the news, the more depressed I got and my positive energy diminished by the moment. By watching one after the other, I sank slowly in a negative mindset and the world started to seem like a grim place. My positive energy that I just had a while ago was gone and I started asking myself, how could I be so happy and live in an illusion when all these horrible things in the world happened to good, innocent people? Thought after a thought they piled up, and I didn't feel like doing anything. But the thing is, that's only one side of the world they are showing us. There are awesome people in this world and each day, they do the unimaginable and give all they have to do the world a better place. So why weren't these people featured in the news? For whatever reason they are doing this, let me tell you : I'VE HAD ENOUGH!

If they want to show us that there are bad things in the world, then I will make it my personal life goal to show the people of this world that there is more than what they show on the TV. People are doing amazing things, everywhere in the world, no matter how hopeless things might be and no matter how little they might have. They give it all, and by doing so they are making the world a better place to live  And it is time that we all find out what these people did, and get inspired to do our best.

People, I present to you the "Just Good News" series of blog posts for which we teamed up with Rosella ! Make sure to check them out, they will come out every Friday.



Let's not dwell on the bad things in life and instead put ourselves in a positive mindset! Vibe away people! 



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