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100 year old Sibling Rivalry & Truck Drivers Team Up to save a Life - Just Good News

Written by Dragana Ivanovska


Posted on April 27 2018

Hello everyone!

Ready for the weekend to start? We are here to help you have an amazing weekend, filled with positive vibes, happiness, and joy with our Just Good News. Yes, it’s here and we have it all this week too! People are amazing all over the world, kindness upon kindness, teaching us the true meaning of life. Are you ready to read all about a Sibling Rivalry that lasts 100 years? Maybe about some awesome coordination skill between truck drivers to save a life? Or celebrate the newborn gorilla coddled by its mother? Check it out!

Sibling Rivalry – Who will live longer?

Like most siblings, there is always some rivalry in life. But these sweet old ladies took it to another level.  From little girls sharing a room, these two sisters share a home 100 years later. Yes, you heard it right, this sweet old lady was turning 106 and her sister beside her, trying to help her blow off the candles is 103. How amazing is that? You can check the video and their amazing life story here.

Truck drivers team up to save a life!

When a man was intending to jump in order to take his own life, the police and multiple truck drivers teamed up to save the devastated man. They closed the road and set up the trucks one beside the other. That was, they were hoping that they could shorten the fall if the man decided to jump. Luckily he didn’t, maybe he was touched by the gesture? Helping each other is everything, guys! Check it out here.

Gorilla and her newborn baby

We think that we are very different from animals, but in reality, we are all just souls on a journey. And this heart-melting video certainly proves it. Primate staff at the Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington D.C. after 9 years finally are celebrating the birth of new gorilla. The mother holds her baby soo gently and coddles it, your heart will surely melt! Check out the full story here.

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